Monday, April 1, 2013

03/31/13 - Day 96 - Adult Easter Egg Hunt

I set up a easter egg hunt for my wife today!  This anonymous kindness attack was pretty specific to one person but she deserved it.  In the eggs I hid candy and random housework chores that needed to be done and promised to do them in the next week and half.  I told her to hold me accountable and I know she will. 

Money spent so far:  $379.44

03/30/13 - Day 95 - Ani-mall Pet Expo (free)

Today the Animal Protective League put on a big pet owners convention at the local fairgrounds.  It was a resounding success.  I didn't get to participate in in exclusively but I did enable some of my coworkers to volunteer which I felt was it's own act of kindness.  Many animals got adopted.  I was able to get over there during my lunch break and snap this picture of an alpaca!

03/29/13 - Day 94 - Good Friday Music (free)

Today I contributed in a small way to a Good Friday church service.  I have been able to sing with a small chamber choral ensemble that meets in a nearby town and this Good Friday service was special because we had a guest director.  He is the director of choral music at the college I attended and was my choir director back when I went to school.  Not only did I get to help people commorate Good Friday but I got to reunite with one of my old instructors. 

Money spent so far:  $366.98

03/28/13 - Day 93 - (free)

Today I asked a coworker for a tab that I saw on a peanut butter jar that she had brought in for her lunch.  It has a code on it that when submitted to this website: would donate one free meal to starving children.  Done!

Money spent so far:  $366.98

03/27/13 - Day 92 - Contribution to counseling

A good friend of mine works with young women and single mothers in South Korea.  One of her friends was a victim of sexual assault but couldn't afford to get counseling for herself.  My friend sent out a plea for people to contribute to get this young woman some counseling. 

My contribution was small but hopefully it helped.

Money spent so far:  $366.98

Thursday, March 28, 2013

03/26/13 - Day 91 - Let people cut in line (free)

Generally I am in a hurry.  I try to slow down but it never works.  It seems like everyone else pretty much keeps the same pace.  I never know why I'm in a hurry to get places.  I just want to make sure I have enough time to not be late to where I'm going.  I used to (and still sort of) have a problem with tardiness.

But today I was at the gas station and I just let a couple people go in front of me.  Not in an annoying overly nice way.  I just wanted to let them go ahead because I could tell they were tired of waiting.  It was a busy day at that particular gas station and I wasn't in a rush. 

Money spent so far:  $336.98

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

03/25/13 - Day 90 - Working for three (free)

Today my kindness attack was a little weird and on accident.  I basically had to work in my section for three people.  It was rough and I had a lot of help but still I had to cover my shift and the shift of two other people that weren't able to make it work because of family stuff. 

I had to slap a dog pretty hard in the face today also.  It was the only way to get him to drop the dog he had in his mouth.  He's a coonhound and doesn't understand that little dogs aren't prey.  I felt bad and he's okay as is the little dog he was trying to hunt down. 

Money spent so far:  $336.98